Roma Day 1

We arrived at Rome by fast train from Naples and we took the Subway to go directly to our hotel. The first thing we saw after leaving the subway station was the famous Spanish Steps. It was glorious! Being on a place in which many famous writers that I personally admired have been before me. … Continue reading Roma Day 1

Our Ravello

After we visited Pompeii, we continued our trip to the Amalfi Coast. We took a cab from our hotel to one of Pompeii Circumvesuviana stations. There is only one station that offers a direct train to Sorrento, so make sure to ask your hotel for the right one. Once in Sorrento we took a bus … Continue reading Our Ravello


Charlie and I went to Pompeii on January this year, it was actually the first city we visited in our trip to Italy. We stayed one night at Hotel Forum, close to the rear entrance of the site. The hotel itself is beautiful, with different patios in different labels and a lot of lemon trees. … Continue reading Pompeii